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Our colorful journey began in 2016, driven by a vision to elevate cross-stitching into genuine works of art. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of watercolor artworks, we passionately dedicated our shop to crafting patterns exclusively infused with the vibrant hues of watercolor.
Our Story

Our patterns transcend mere stitches; they serve as canvases for challenge and creativity. We firmly believe in the artistry of cross stitch, constantly pushing boundaries to create pieces that most faithfully represent watercolor art in cross-stitch form. While the journey might entail intricacies, the end result undoubtedly justifies every single stitch.

To accommodate cross-stitch enthusiasts of all ages and preferences, we offer a diverse range of patterns. Whether you prefer the convenience of smaller grid patterns for phones and iPads or the intricate beauty of larger grid patterns for printing, we have you covered. Our commitment extends to those with challenging eyesight, ensuring that everyone can joyfully engage in the art of cross-stitching.

Our passion for this craft is intricately woven into every pattern we offer. We are fueled by the enthusiasm of cross-stitchers who support our business. As long as you keep stitching, we’ll continue to create, infusing artistry and delight into your cross-stitching pursuits.

Join us at Light Unicorn Designs and stitch your dreams; here, every single stitch tells a vibrant and captivating story!

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